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Sleeping with Money [Mini-movie MV] 

feat. Ji Chang Wook x Yoo Seung Ho (and So Ji Sub)


It is kind of self explanatory but here is a detailed summary of what I was trying to do: Basically, JCW gets hired at a top company run by YSH’s uncle SJS but due to his stupidity, he gets fired on his first day. YSH takes interest in him and gets SJS to re-hire him again. At first, JCW gets annoyed at YSH smiling face because he thinks the boy is looking down on him so he approach him out of curiosity but instead they fall in love but their statuses tear them apart. JCW gets constantly mad at YSH and himself because he is poor and always felt like the rich people are looking down on him. He runs away after embarrassing himself at a party. YSH tries to reconcile with him but instead see him with another woman and gets mad. When he is called to meet up again, he breaks up with JCW which has always been oversee by his uncle SJS who intimately and affectionately is in love with him. SJS helps YSH to avoid JCW, but JCW does not stop and continues to purse him until he felt like he was played on by YSH and finally left him. YSH regrets this and pursue him instead but due to the misunderstanding, JCW forces himself on YSH and the next day, he wake up to find YSH gone. YSH returns to SJS who notices something wrong with him. After this, YSH is really hurt and finally decide to cut off from JCW. JCW feels really remorseful and now tries to make YSH forgive him, which he finally did. The climax clicks in, and SJS who oversee everything pull off a scheme to get rid of JCW, but instead found that the one who he really hurt is YSH and decided to painfully leave his unrequited love. YSH returns back to the hospital where he waits and remembers the beginning of their love, and finally JCW wakes up again. They reconcile and lived happily ever after ( or something like that O_O).


All footage and songs are listed in the credits so be sure to watch it if you need any songs or footage.


I made these for fun. Really wish this conversation is real. Somehow the words got cut off on these GIFS so you have to click on it for the full version.

Love this pairing :D ♥

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• C O M M E N T S •

I don’t know what I’m trying to do here. I was suppose to do a modern version of Warrior Baek Dong Soo and how I wanted DongSoo and YeoUn to meet using dialogue from WBDS but I totally fail and end up blending a plot-less video. Well, this is for people who shipped these…

Super awesome video :D

AU [ Déjà Vu ] Dong Soo x Yeo Un

Deja Vu


The plot simply follows the reincarnation of Dong soo and Yeo Un where their positions are switched and instead, Dong soo becomes the bad guy. Yeo un remembers bits and pieces of their past where he is slayed by Dong soo, and slowly as the abuse from their guardian rises, Dong soo became a new person — violent and abusive. He tried to obtain a role in the underground society, and along the way, he loses Yeo Un. Yeo un then run away from him deciding it’s the best path but Dong soo pursue him once again, deciding if they cannot be together, he might as will kill Yeo un, but before he do so he remembers the past of when Yeo un is killed by him…


Basically the video starts of in the present where everything is all over, and Yeo un is running to meet someone who turns out to be Dong soo in the end. While running, he replay the memories of how their life is affected by the memories and deja vu of their past together.

FOOTAGES: T-ara Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey PV, K.Will I need you PV, Fin PV, I broke up with you today PV, Lonely life PV, Please take good care of her PV, Whenever you play that song PV, Like the Star PV, Blind Movie, Death Bell 2 Movie, Sleeping Beauty Movie, City of Fathers Movie, 4th period mystery movie

SONG: Paradise by Infinite


[ I don’t mind if it hurts… ]


Note: Another video I made of this pair (yes, right now I’m obsessed). This time, it’s an attempt at a slower pace song. Hope you enjoy it :D

Exactly how I also felt watching wbds:D

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